Should You Buy Boots Half Size Bigger? Know the Truth

Boots are a staple in most people’s wardrobes. They are a necessary addition to any outfit, and they can be quite expensive. It is important to know what size of boots you should buy because you want them to fit well and last long.

The thing about buying boots is that it’s not just about finding your perfect fit – it’s about finding that perfect size that you will feel comfortable. If you buy a too small boot, it will hurt your feet when you walk and cause blisters.

If you buy a boot that is too big, it won’t be able to support your feet properly. A good rule of thumb to follow when buying boots: buy them half size bigger than your normal shoe size.

However, this rule doesn’t apply to everyone. Whether to buy boots half size bigger depends on a lot of things.

It depends on how much you weigh, what type of activities you do with your boots, and how often they will be worn. The best way to test the fit is to try them on in the store.

Is It Better To Order A Half Size Larger When Buying Boots?

We can’t walk without boots. Each pair is made with a specific shape and size. This ensures that the shoe always fits perfectly. It is a blessing to find boots that fit perfectly.

Depending on the manufacturer, boots can be different in size and shape. Therefore, it is helpful to buy a half-size larger boot to accommodate the socks. Hence, if you are buying boots, always try them on with socks.

You will be able to determine what size to purchase. It is more comfortable and gives a better fit to your feet when you wear socks with boots. Because of this, it is always best to purchase a half size up from what you normally wear.

Buying Boots Half Size Bigger Vs Exact Size

The difference between buying boots half size bigger or exact size is that the former can be tricky. If you buy boots half size bigger, they will fit you better than if you buy the exact size.

However, the latter can be a good purchase because it ensures your footwear’s correct fit and comfort. This section will discuss the differences between buying boots a half size bigger and exactly sized.

We also look at some of the factors that may influence your decision to make one purchase or another.

Knee Length Boots

Knee High Boots

Make sure that you order half a size larger when you are buying knee-length boots. Then, you can tuck your jeans into them, as there is enough room.

Lace-Up System

Lace Boots

Buying a half-size bigger boot is recommended if you have boots that are laced up. You’ll find that by tying up the laces, your boots will fit perfectly.

Winter Boots

Winter ugg Boots

Everyone wears thick woolen socks to keep their feet warm during the winter. Your boots will fit better if you wear these thick socks. It’s a good idea to buy boots that are half a size larger for winter.

Summer Boots

summer boots

Summer calls for breathable socks. Thin material is usually used for these socks. So, if you want to wear boots in the summer, you should purchase the same size as your feet. Buying boots of a larger size will leave you with a loose fit.

Can Boots Be Too Big Or Too Small?

Boots are an essential part of our clothing, but it can be difficult to find the right size. In addition, some people have feet that are too wide for their boots, while others have feet that are too narrow.

It is important to note that having too small or too big boots will not always result in discomfort. It is not good to wear narrow or too small boots if you have wide feet. It is always a good idea to measure your feet before purchasing boots.

You can adjust your boots with socks by buying bigger boots than you. However, be careful not to buy too big boots for you. Excessively large boots can cause blisters and heel slippage.

Does It Matter If Boots Are Too Big?

If insoles and heel shields can still improve the fit, it is better to have too big boots. However, if they’re too large, even for that, they can cause foot problems like bunions and hammertoe and boots that are too small.

There’s no point in wearing boots if your feet slide around, your heels slip, and your flex points are misaligned. All these things result in blisters, inflammation, and plantar fasciitis.

Final Words

It is not a good idea to always rush into purchasing the boots since you can end up buying the wrong ones. You should have enough space for your feet inside the boots for you to feel comfortable.

Trying on the boots before buying can also help you determine the boot size. As a result, you’ll be able to find the right size, and your feet will be well supported and comfortable.

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of whether you should get a half-size bigger pair of boots.

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