Oliberte Gando Review – Men’s Oxford & Derby Style Pull Up Boots

From the world’s first, Fair Trade Certified Footwear factory comes to these handcrafted combat boots known as Oliberté Gando.

Made using premium handpicked cow leather upper and 100% goat leather lining, the overall quality and looks, really makes me excited to do the Oliberte Gando Review.

When you start looking up Oliberte on the web, you’ll notice that there is a story involved. Almost everybody pushes the story before they push the footwear.

But what I wanted to do is to actually look at the quality of these boots first. Hence the Oliberte Gando Review.
About the story and how this company came to be, you can look at the video right here to find out more about them.

Oliberte Gando Review

Oliberte Men's Gando Brown Yellow Pullup Boot 42 (US 9) M
  • Traditional stitch-down around base, These are gonna be your new favorite boots. Trust us.
  • Oliberte's shoes average over 1,000 stitches per shoe. This provides extra reinforcement and allows the shoes to rely less on glue and more on the skilled craftsmanship of each Oliberte worker.
  • Premium leather upper thats super comfy and looks great. All of your friends will be jealous.
  • Vegetable tanned leather midsole that looks and feels awesome. This might be the best midsole of any boot ever.
  • Jagged crepe rubber sole with wedge. So durable.

If you have seen the video, you already know about the craftsmanship of these boots. As we talk about heritage and craftsman style footwear, these boots really live up to the hype.

These are actually built by people who we can actually call Artisans or Craftsman.

Because the people building and designing these boots are really using old world ideas to build a very interesting looking modern style footwear.

You are reading this review to know about the quality of the Oliberte Gando. Let’s get on with it.


So, the Gando is a 6 inch fully laced boot. It has a natural rubber sole. The sole rubber actually comes out of a tree.

It’s not excluded out of oil or anything like that. This is a natural rubber sole, so it’s going to have those natural rubber properties.

In between the sole, there is a tanned leather that sits between the sown down style of the upper the rubber sole.

That gives the Gando a lot of structural support because they are mixing leathers through the whole boot.


Oliberte understands their materials. They understand that the upper is cowhide, the inner lining is a goat leather and the veggie tan is a cowhide that has been treated, you create a really nice comfortable stable boot.

Inside The Gando

When you open this thing up what you’re gonna notice is that raw unfinished tongue.

That allows you to see what the cowhide is really like and also the pure thickness of what they are using.

When you put your hands inside, what you are going to notice is the leather is very smooth. That smooth leather is goatskin. Goat is a really nice leather material to line footwear with.

And, since they are made in Ethiopia, they have some of the best leathers out there right now. For construction footwear like this and for handbags and stuff, that goat leather is really exceptional.

Go Ethiopia!

The goat leather runs all the way down to the front of the boot into the vamp section. Which will make this boot more comfortable.

Style & Design

About the aesthetics of this boot, it’s pure style. This is fashion. You’re making a social statement by making a pair of these, and that’s okay.

They are also made very comfortable. They are made in the same way as you would think about a moccasin slipper.

The fit and all of that is just like a moccasin. Because of the full sew down welt which we know there’s lots of other heavy-duty work boots that use this exact same construction.

It’s a very old way of constructing boots, but it really works. And, because of that, you’re going building a platform that’s going to allow your foot to shape the whole boot.

Foot Board

Inside, there is a hard footboard when you remove the insole. The insole is pretty nice. I was actually a little bit surprised. Not only the insole looks good, it actually fits pretty darn well inside the boot.

It’s all because you got the soft natural leather sole, you got the midsole, you got the beautiful leather inside, and then you add a nice soft cushion like this, it really makes for a comfortable all day running around type boot.

Size & Fit

Oliberte says that you should buy them at least a half size to a full size bigger because of the difference in measurement. I wear a size 12, and it felt pretty nice.

I was expecting them because of the construction and because of the construction style of this.

The way it’s all built I was expecting it to be a little tight because I would want something like this to actually fit my foot and let my foot shape it.

Now, it wasn’t short at all. Maybe it was a little narrow and a little shallow, but it’s not short.

Something that’s shallow and narrow, when you’re using beautiful cowhide like this and that goat leather, it’s gonna stretch. It’s gonna form to fit you.

And, there’s enough base inside this thing that even if you wear like two times a week, you could still get this thing to fit in a couple of weeks.

About breaking in this boot, you have to put some energy on to it. Just like any other leather boots, you have to wear them around, walk in them; you’d have to do all those steps.

But, in the end, you’ll get a nice-looking pair of unique casual footwear to fit your foot.


Normally people would consider the weight of a boot before buying one, but you that’s not the case with the Oliberte Gando. These are very lightweight boots.

They’re almost like wearing very lightweight running shoes. It has that type of comfort and that type of spring back because of the rubber sole and midsole.


The Gando has a unique feature to it. This is going to truly breathe the way you want leather footwear to breathe. Makes perfect for hot summer days.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t wear these with socks but because of all the materials inside you actually could wear this in the summertime without a pair of socks.


All in all, I have to say it is a beautiful boot. The construction, it looks handmade, it looks crafty, there’s quality behind the construction.

It might not be major brand construction, but you gotta remember that this is handmade. This is truly handmade by people who take a lot of pride in building these boots.

That’s it. Hope you liked the Oliberte Gando Review. Make sure to check out their website to know more about the company. And, also let me know what you think about these boots.

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