Kodiak Thane Boots Review – Your Introduction To Heritage Style Boots

You are looking at the most stylish boot ever made by Kodiak. Yes, sir! We are talking about the Kodiak Thane Boots Review. Featuring a sleek and stylish leather, canvas upper, rubber outsole, natural leather welt, this is the Thane you are looking at.

In our honest opinion, this is the type of boot you pick up as being your first pair of heritage style boots. Down the rabbit hole of multiple pairs of boots, this is the one you’ll find.

Kodiak Thane Boots Review

Kodiak Men's Thane Hiking Boot
  • Waterproof leather and canvas upper with sealed seams
  • Waterproof membrane construction
  • Removable leather memory foam insole
  • Microfiber lining
  • Natural leather welt with slip resistant lug rubber outsole

This casual boot has got the feel of a premium boot that backs you up with superior quality. Think we are exaggerating? Continue reading our Kodiak Thane review, and you’ll find out.


One of the main reasons why we loved this boot is its construction. The KODIAK Men’s Thane Boot is constructed like a beautiful pair of high-priced boot. The makers behind these boots gave attention to the tiniest of details.

It also has the exact same type of fit. Because of the full leather welt construction, and it’s slip-resistant hard rubber sole, there is going to be a break-in period. Do keep that in mind when you decide to buy these boots.

For utmost comfort, you are going to have to break this boot and get this shaped to your foot. Just like any other heritage boot, you get the feeling of something that is handmade, and you need to give it time to adjust to your foot.

Waterproof Leather

Another nice detail we would like to point out is the waterproof leather. It is a tape sealed, membrane waterproof leather boot. They also used a really nice canvas-type material that is mixed with the leather. It looks more like a waxed cotton type material that gives the boot a more stylish look.

Ever looked at those vintage type boots that are unlike any other boots out there? Give the Thane enough time, and you’ll have yourself a vintage type boot. The leather, the canvas, the whole boot as it gets older will just look better.

Like we said, if you want a unique looking boot that doesn’t belong to any other boot out there, the Kodiak Boots Thane is just that type of boot if you wear it for a long time.

Inside The Boot

The best part is about to come, inside the Kodiak Thane For Men Boots, what you’ll find is microfiber. Typically, you would find microfiber material in casual boots and in a lot of women’s boots.

It’s kind of an odd material to use in a boot like the KODIAK Thane, kind of made sense. Why? Because it’s more appealing to the younger crowd.

It is very soft, feels good against the skin, and also feels really good against your socks. There is more to this Kodiak Thane Boot Review that you should definitely want to check out.


This boot doesn’t come with any insulating property. It has a wicking property which is why they used a microfiber inside. Microfiber is really good for wicking away moisture. Don’t worry, it does have a really nice feel to it. Check out our other insulated boots.


Deep down at the bottom, you’ll find a memory foam leather-lined insole. If it’s your introduction to heritage-style boots, this insole adds a nice little touch.

We all know memory foam doesn’t hold up that good especially if you are continuously using your boots, however starting out, combining all these products together seems pretty nice.

Below The Insole

Yup, we are not finished yet. There is more to come. Below the insole what you’ll find is a hard footboard. It gives you the full heritage feel and fit.

Kodiak Men's Thane Hiking Boot
  • Waterproof leather and canvas upper with sealed seams
  • Waterproof membrane construction
  • Removable leather memory foam insole
  • Microfiber lining
  • Natural leather welt with slip resistant lug rubber outsole

Breaking In

To those who are still with us, reading, we have gone back to the construction section again. Because of the leather welt and hard slip-resistant rubber sole and adding the hard footboard, you really need to break in these boots.

You need to get this one shaped to your foot. The memory foam insole, microfiber, and leather liner will help you along the process of breaking in. Don’t rush in the process though.


Whatever size you need, more than likely or not, you can just buy your size when you go to order a pair of these.

Finishing Touch

Remember what we told you about the makers of these boots paying attention to details, well it just so happens that they did. One of our favorite features is the boot pull.

The way they put the boot pull into the collar between the microfiber and they ran it down is simply amazing. This isn’t one of those boot pulls that is going to stop your pants and always bunched up on top of your boots. We must admit it; this is a very nice way of putting a boot pull.


Ignore this section if you don’t like speed laces. But a review is a review, and we are always unbiased in our reviews. This boot lacks speed laces. The current lace setup is fine, but we think it’s nice to have speed laces on a boot.

Sometimes it so happens that you are in a hurry and want to take your boots out, but you don’t want to bend down and pull laces out. Speed laces come in very handy.

If this is your introduction to boots, if this is the first pair that you buy, we think having lace holes all the way to the top is a great way for you to appreciate lacing your boot properly.

Features At A Glance

  • Available in two colors.
  • The leather memory foam insole is removable.
  • Microfiber lining.
  • Slip-resistant rubber outsole with natural leather welt construction.
  • Waterproof boots.

Final Thoughts

This is it; we are done. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the Thane by KODIAK Boots. If you ever bought one of these boots before, let us know in the comments below about how you felt wearing them.

Let us know how long it took for you to break in these boots, how was the sole, the construction, what size did you pick and so on. Hope you liked our Kodiak Thane Boots Review, feel free to share this article with your friends.

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