How To Store Boots In Small Closet – Know The Tricks!

Boots are a very important part of our wardrobe, and we should make sure that we store them in a way that makes it easy for us to find them whenever we need them.

Storing your boots in a small closet is not just for show. It can help your room look more organized and tidier. It is also quite eye-pleasing, no denying that. 

On the other hand, nobody wants a messy shoe closet. And if you have a small closet and are worried about your boot’s arrangement, this article is for you.  

So, we will cover the details of how you can store your boots in a small closet and further discuss a few questions that may come up in your mind along the way.

How Do You Organize Boots In A Small Space?

how to organize boots in small spaces

We all like to keep things organized in a way that gives a nice and clean look to them; the same goes for organizing your shoes, too, especially in a small space.

But it’s not easy. This is why you should think about the different ways you can organize them before you put them away. Here are some ways you can do that. 

Sort Into Categories

Start by taking out all of your boots and categorizing your boots. In other words, keep your regular boot separated from your special occasion boots. You can keep your occasional special boots in different plastic containers.

Use Hangers Or Clips

You can also use clips to hang your boots, leaving you some space below for the rest of your boots and giving you an aesthetic look in your closet.

There are specific hangers or vertical rods sold for hanging your boots, and some of them can let you hang up to 8 pairs of boots.

Stack and Stow

The best way to maximize your storage in small spaces is to stack and stow your boots by keeping them in stackable boot storage.

Simple Trending 3-Tier Stackable Shoe Rack
Stackable Shoe Rack

According to a renowned decor expert, this is undeniably one of the most efficient ways to maximize space functionality and keep your boots’ dust and scuff marks free. 

Another thing you can use is foldable shoe storage boxes or storage bins which are affordable too to keep your boots stacked inside in an organized way, therefore, saving you more space in your closet.

What Is The Best Way To Store Shoes In A Small Closet

Store Shoes In A Small Closet

Organizing boots in a small space like a closet can be a challenge. But following proper rules, it can be an easy task.

Without a doubt, the number one rule, which is like the most transparent rule there is for keeping your boots in the closet, is to clean them before storing them inside.

Please get rid of the dirt beneath your boots to ensure they don’t filth your closet. Read the below points to get a clear idea about how to store boots in a small closet –

Keep The Moisture Out

If you are using containers to store your boots, use a silica packet inside as they act as a drying agent to keep out the moisture.

That is to say, because the moisture on the boots can drain out the beneficial oils and nutrients in your boot materials, making them wear out quite faster.

Protect Them From The Floor

And if you are storing boots for an extended period in the closet, sure to keep them off the floor, thus keeping your boots free from dirt and other unwanted pests. 

Shoe Rack

5-Tier Metal Shoe Rack
Shoe Rack

You can also keep your seasonal boot in a different place, like your shoe rack specially designed for boots, leaving you the space in your closet to store your regular use boots.

Try Shoe Containers

Foldable Boot Storage Boxes
Foldable Shoe Storage Box

On a quick note, this is really a critical part to remember that storing boots in a box for more than 6 to 12 months can consequently cause them to deteriorate, eventually leading them to be damaged.

So, take care of the boots once in a while.

Use Plastic Bags

A plastic bag can also save you the trouble of getting dust and dirt into your boots. These bags preserve the boots and take way less space than boxes; call this a shoe space hack if you want. 

Plastic Poly Bags Resealable Storage Shoes
Plastic Bags for Shoes

But boxes give us a clean, edgy look that you may not find by keeping your boots in a plastic bag.

So if you are more about the looks in a small space, go for the boxes; if not, you can get the plastic bags for shoes.

How Do You Store Your Long Leather Boots in Small Closet

long leather boots store in the closet

Long boots often tend to be tilted when not used on one side hence leaving a wrinkle on your boots. Now you obviously don’t want that. Nobody does. 

Here’s a quick, straightforward tip on storing your long boots in the closet or in any small place.

how to If you have a few magazines lying around, take it, roll up the magazine and place it inside your long boots before hanging it in the closet. 

Besides, you can also just stuff the inside of your boots using foams, wrapping paper rolls, or bottles.

As a result, this will help your long boots stay up straight, maintain their shape, and be wrinkle-free long time in the closet.

And keep in mind that if your long boots are made of leather, store them at a controlled temperature area. Both very high and low temperatures can damage the leather.

How Many Boots Should You Store In A Small Closet?

An average small closet is about 3 to 8 feet wide with a depth of 24-30 inches. So now you need to check if your closet really does fit in the group of small closets. 

Now the average pair of boots take about 8 inches of space. To clarify, six pairs of boots take up an area of four feet in your closet.

And if you got a small closet ranging from 3 to 8 feet wide, you can certainly go ahead and store quite a good deal of boots in your closet.

Should You Store Boots In A Box?

Storing your boot in a box comes up with quite a few benefits.

  • It keeps them free from specks of dust and pests.
  • By labeling them, it becomes easier for you to choose the pair you want to wear for the day
  • Keeps your closet organized and tidy
  • It saves you more space in the closet
  • Gives your closet a nice touch of that appealing glance.

And yes, in conclusion, you can store boots in a box.

Final Words

Now with the subject of storing your boots in a small closet being covered, hope you can stop worrying about the space for your boots and start thinking about what to do with the remaining space that’s left. 

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