Top 5 Golden Fox Boots Review in 2021

In this article, we are reviewing the Golden Fox Heritage 1970 Moc Toe. This is a 6” American heritage style wedge sole construction boot. These work boots are made in the USA. If you want to know more about these boots, stick around, read the full Golden Fox Boots Review.

So, when it comes to American-built boots, when it comes to heritage boots, all of us who are boot enthusiasts put these things on a pedestal.

And, once we do that we start to examine them in ways that we normally wouldn’t look at imported merchandise or anything like that.

Well, golden fox understood that, and they knew that if they came out with an American-made boot, they would definitely have to have their chops down.

They would definitely have to pull all punches and really produce a nice product, and they did.

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Golden Fox Boots Review

Wedge Sole

Now, first of all, they used this really nice soft classic wedge sole material. This is what wedge sole boots were made from 25 years ago. It’s a really nice material. It’s soft. It wears well, and it just looks really good. It truly has a classic appeal to it.

Now, it’s a full leather welt, so that means that this thing is recraft-able, resole-able, and rebuildable. You can do whatever you need to do to it.

Leather Welt

And, speaking of that welt. It is a really nice leather welt. The whole stitching all the way around the boot; the way they put the welt together in them is really outstanding.

What really makes a boot like this stand out is the leather. In the hand of leather that a company chooses and uses in order to build a boot like this.

Golden Fox chose to use a very soft and supple pliable leather. It really looks good out of the box and feels really good when you think about heritage type boots.

Because most the time what you’re finding is thick heavy leather stuff that takes a while to break into shape to your foot.

Golden fox built a soft heritage boot that’s ready to go out of the box.


So, when we take a really good look at the construction on this upper what we see is that it’s built-in a classic style. The Moc toe section is added to the tongue section.

The tongue section is sewn into the upper section, and on that tongue, you get something you don’t find much on heritage boots.

You get a lace loop. That lace loop holds that tongue in place, and it is a nice thing to have in a boot like these. It’s a nice touch to have that on a heritage boot.

Because, a lot of the times, I don’t know if you’ve experienced that, but I have. A lot of boots that don’t have that tongue, start to creep down to the side of the boot.

You find yourself periodically throughout the day pulling the tongue of the boot back up to where it should be. Thinking to yourself, why doesn’t it have a lace loop.

Inside The Golden Fox Moc Toe Boots

Inside the boots, what you’re going to find is a nice hard footboard underneath a beautiful urethane soft cushion footbed.

This is a real shocker!

First ever American-made heritage boot with a footbed that’s comfortable and makes the whole thing work like ready out of the box. When I first thought of doing the golden fox boots review, I was really shocked to find that.

Gold Fox has been listening to you guys, and they have made a boot that you guys are asking for. If you prefer comp toe, check out our terra spider review.


So, deeper inside, what we find is a cotton vamp running all the way through the front. It is a nice cotton vamp. So, at this lightweight leather and a cotton vamp like that, what you’re going to get is a really breathable boot.

This boot is not going to be hot at all even on the hottest days because of the hand of the leather. It’s a very soft pliable floppy leather.

That is a welcome thing in the heritage boot market.

Golden Fox Leather Laces

Something else that does come with the boots is a set of golden Fox leather laces. These are really nice heavy duty well cut laces, and I would imagine these laces are gonna look amazing inside this boot.

Golden Fox Boots Made In USA

About the overall quality of the boot, it does show that it is an American-made boot. The quality is outstanding. The stitching, the way it’s put together.

The choice of materials, where they use materials, where they don’t use materials, the type of materials, it really does stand up to a whole American boot-built idea that we do build boots correctly in this country when it comes to this style of boot.

Size & Fit

About the size and fit of these boots, right out of the box it felt like I’ve owned this boot for a couple of weeks now. It wasn’t clunky; it wasn’t stiff. It was easily flexed into where I needed to be flexed.

And, walking around in this thing was exceptionally comfortable for everything that’s going into this boot.

Unlike other heritage boots where it’s a hard leather sole, and you break down that sole, and you just spend a lot of time getting it to fit your foot.

Out-of-the-box I’m ready to go I’m ready to spend the full day in these things and not worry about it.


Now, there is one part of the boot that I’m really not happy with when it comes to golden Fox boots. They use a really wide heel cup.

Now, primarily I spent a lot of time wearing Western pull-on boots and other types of heritage boots that have really tight heel cups.

Final Thoughts

So, when I put this thing on it felt more like a general fitting work boot which I could imagine as a pretty welcome thing if this is going to be your introduction to heritage type boots.

This boot right here, having a heel cup that’s not tight, that’s not going to Dig In.

I would imagine that’s a very nice thing to have. So, you’re probably wondering what they look like.

Well, let’s spend a few minutes looking at them on with a pair of raw denim jeans with a nice cup in there to really make this boot stand out and pop.

So, that’s the Golden Fox Boots Review. 1970 American made Moc toe 6-inch work boot.

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