Carolina Maximus 2.0 Review – Men’s 6” Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot

It’s been a really long time, and all I’ve been doing is reviewing Carolina boots. Lately, all I’ve been going through are Carolina boots. If you look back at my site, you’ll see a bunch of them.

I really do love the brand. I love their loggers, steel toes, moc toes, composite toes, wedge sole boots, and all that. I love pretty much everything they do. They make great boots.

But there are a few things on Carolina that I’m not keen on. Like the four by four series. Let’s cut right to the chase. You are here because you want to read the Carolina Maximus 2 review. Or, you just suddenly stumbled upon here by accident. Stick around. Let me show you what got me hyped again.

Introducing the all-new Carolina Maximus 2.0 style number CA2561. This is the 6” Waterproof Composite Toe Work Boot for Men. It is one of their newest and most innovative designed boot that’s ready toughest of jobs.

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  • Buster Coffee Bean Leather Upper
  • Composite Safety Toe Cap
  • Molded Rubber Abrasion Toe
  • Waterproof SCUBALINER™
  • Mesh Lining
  • OVERTIME Comfort System
  • High Rebound EVA Midsole
  • Electrical Hazard Rated
  • Non-Metallic Shank
  • 3/4 Welt & Cement Construction
  • Heel Stabilizer
  • Oil Resisting Heavy Duty Rubber Outsole w/ “ICE” Toe & Heel

Carolina Maximus 2 Review

Carolina made a completely redesigned boot. It took the bar of their comfort realm to a whole new level. I’m talking about work boots, not some footwear for going around or hanging around boots. The Maximus 2.0 is a real work boot.


First of all, we always have to start with the sole. And Carolina has always had great sole patterns when it comes to traction. Especially when you think about that they’re building boots that are made for outdoor work, in real dirty industrial type indoor work.

Their sole pattern has an easy clean-out and lots of traction. The front and the heel, they call this ICE. If you’re not familiar with the term ICE when it comes to soles, it’s basically a high-performance Vibram sole. Have a look at this video here to know more about these soles.

This is the same compound. At least that’s my thinking that this is the same Fire and Ice compound. This rubber sticky super durable stuff right up in here is awesome.


Now, a lot of the comfort of this boot is coming from the midsole. That’s a huge chunk of soft EVA that they have sandwiched into a beautiful three-quarter soft welt.

They’ve welted the boot down with this three-quarter welt. We see a lot of this going on and what it’s doing is it’s just kind of holding the boot together so they can glue down these last attachments.

It’s not the type of wealth that you can chop the boot off, and you can put on a new sole. You cannot resole these no matter how hard you try because of the type of construction it is.

When you’re going to beat the crap out of it, you’re probably going to want to replace it instead of resoling it.

The Toe Cap

So, the Maximus 2.0 has this beautiful heavy-duty rubberized toe. Underneath that toe is comp toe.

And the shank is also composite. So, this boot is a full EH boot and passes all the OSHA requirements. As for room under this toe, that’s something that Carolina has always seemed to have a hard time with.

Either they put too much room under their safety toes, or there’s not enough room, and you can’t crouch down to work say under a sink, or you got to get down and used to do some finished carpentry, it doesn’t happen with Carolina.

This boot is outstanding. It is the perfect height width and everything that’s going inside there, when you slide your foot in at first, it feels tight, walks around 5 – 10 minutes, and all of a sudden that boot feels like it was made to your foot. There is really something about this that just has that feel.

Pure Comfort

So, now the comfort in this boot is coming from a system of comfort that Carolina has designed called “Overtime.” It’s a premium dual-density foam footbed. This means it’s a combination of this wonderful insole that has so many great materials that are so familiar to Carolina.

It’s a miracle that they didn’t come up with this sooner. They didn’t build out an insole in a system like this sooner, because they’ve been using this stuff for a really long time.

But because of the midsole, the super-soft midsole, because of this Overtime comfort system, and because of the way they pad the boot on the inside, they use a Honeycomb 3D padding in here.

So, all the pressures from the day, all the sweat everything, gets wicked away. And something I haven’t mentioned yet is that padding goes all the way to the front.

So, you’re actually padded around the comp toe. Now some companies do it. Some companies will pad that section, but most of them do not. Most of them just add a little extra something.

If I were to cut this comp toe in half and take it apart, we would see that they’ve actually padded around there and it’s nice. Your hand can feel it if you put your hand all the way inside the boot.


Laces, eyelets, and hardware. It is something that Carolina has always done a great job on. These laces are those self-locking tight down laces. This is that new stuff that everybody seems to be adding to their boots.

It has a different type of pattern to it so that when you tie a knot in this, it stays tied. It forces itself against the pressure of your boot to stay tight. It’s really nice.

The eyelets now, typical Carolina eyelets. This is something that you’ve seen in a lot of their boots over the last 15 years. It’s a basic Carolina eyelet. But the speed lace is a nice aesthetic.

It’s a good, nice heavy-duty molded speed lace. It’s got a nice round curve through the back, so the laces move through nice. But for looks, if I had to judge it, I mean I would definitely give it a 9 out of 10.

Because it is a really nice look in speed lace, I’d like to see this in a couple of different colors that could really dress up some of the work boots, if we’re talking about the way to boots look.

Waterproof Scubaliner

All right, it’s time to talk about waterproofing. Now Scubaliner. Caroline has been using Scubaliner for a long time. It’s a great liner. In my opinion, I love scuba. I’ve never had a hard time with their liners. I’ve never had one of their boots leak.

Now, I’ve read a lot of comments in a lot of the Carolina product talking about boots leaking. But most of the time when those guys are talking about that, they’re talking about boots that are 24 months old or 36 months old.

That’s well past the life of any work boot. Now if we’re talking casual boots, those could last you the rest of your life, and you’re probably not going to wear them as much.

But when it comes to working boots, you got to replace them more often than 24 months. You can’t look to a boot. Just because you paid a lot of money for your boot, you can’t think of your boots going to last you a really long time. It just doesn’t work.

Back to the topic, Scubaliner is an excellent waterproof liner. All the way up to where the tongue is sewn in, so that whole thing under the foot is fully lined, beautifully lined.

And what helps a lot to a Scubaliner in a boot like this is the cement construction. So, every little nook and cranny has got some cement in there. The way they hold the sole together is done with cement and that welt also. So, it makes the scuba liner work even better.


I didn’t talk about the leather yet. The leather is really nice and oil tanned. It’s not like you would not expect this from Carolina and that’s probably why I’m just overlooking the leather here and not saying much about it.

Because I expect Carolina to use the best leathers around because they always have, every full leather Carolina product I’ve ever reviewed has always been exceptional.

When it comes to leather, the Maximus 2.0 is no exception. Even though it’s all built around chunks and cuts and backed with other materials, it is still a really nice beautiful piece of oil tan leather that they started with.

Size & Fit

I talked enough about comfort already. We know it’s comfortable, so I’m going to stop saying that now. About the size and fit of this boot, as I mentioned the comp toe, a lot of space in height and a lot of space in width even in the D width.

Now the EE widths, it’s going to be a different story altogether because you have to be wide truly. Carolina has been making E boots for 25 if not more years than I know about and they’re always super wide.

So, they understand the width inside a boot. They know what’s going on. So, they’re EE width; you really have to have a wide foot to fit it. If you’re just a regular D, feel free. Order D and you’ll be happy with the D because as I’ve said when you put it on the first time, it’s going to feel tight.

It’s going to feel snug. Give it 10 minutes. Allow time for the Overtime insole to kind of break in and spread out. It’s memory foam so it does take a few minutes for this thing to kind of catch up with you and just get your natural shape to your foot.


The one thing that’s going to go away is the weight of the boot. And I didn’t say anything about the weight of the boot because the more times I say that something feels kind of heavy to the hand and the more times I see guys in shops go “Man that thing’s really heavy.”

Your legs are so strong. Your back is so strong. Boots that are engineered to be comfortable, this physical weight vanishes. Because of the way it holds your heel, because of the way it holds your foot, that weight of the boot just goes away.

So, don’t worry about how much a boot weighs unless you’re buying a crappy boot. And these Carolinas, they are not crappy boots. It’s built correctly, and they feel great.

That’s all I can say for the Carolina Maximus 2 review. If you ever tried it before, please comment below and let guys know what you think of this one.

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