Carolina CA7009 Review – Men’s Domestic 6” Moc Toe Wedge Sole Work Boot

In this article, you are looking at the Carolina soft toe, a mock toe with the heel, CA7009 wedge sole work boot. This is a 6-inch men’s domestic boot with some of the best comfort features built-in.

So, if you’re in the market for a casual boot, pick the CA7009. If you’re in the market for a lightweight, American made soft, comfortable heel boot that’s in a mock toe wedge soles type, style CA7009. If you really dig this color of leather, CA7009.

So, what makes this boot so great? Read the rest of the Carolina CA7009 review to find out.


  • Men’s Domestic 6” Moc Toe Work Boot
  • Old Town Folklore Leather Upper
  • Removable AG7™ Polyurethane Footbed
  • Electrical Hazard Rated
  • Steel Shank
  • Welt Construction
  • Meramec 90 Polyurethane Outsole

Carolina CA7009 Review

First off, it is American-made. That’s right, this is an all American made boot, and it shows.

When you take a really close look at the way it is constructed, the way it’s finished and the way there are no hanging threads, and there’s no crisscross stitching, it really shows that this is American labor.

That is beautiful and it’s just really comfortable. So, what makes it so comfortable?

Meramec 90 Polyurethane Outsole

Well, it’s the Meramec Polyurethane Outsole. This is the Meramec 90. So, it’s a 90-degree heel. It’s a defined heel.

So, you guys that got to climb ladders, kick some shovels, you know, work in the boot, you’re going to be able to.

And then you guys that actually like to walk around in a heeled boot but you want that mock toe style, well you get the best of both worlds here.

Old Town Folklore Leather Upper

Carolina’s calling this color of leather Old Town Folklore. I mean come on, that name alone is just cool. Doesn’t that just give you like the Salem witch trials? Like it’s just got that feel and appeal to it.

It’s a very classic good-looking boot. And by adding that dark brown plastic welt down there and then that second layer that they put in there that dark layer, it makes it a very handsome boot.

You’re going to be able to kick a shovel with this thing. And it’s not just because of the heel in the Meramec sole, but because there’s a steel shank inside there.

Most of the time companies, especially lesser companies will use a plastic shank, or they’ll use what they call a polymer shank.

Carolina went the extra step, and they threw a piece of steel in there because they realize that they’re actually building a work boot.

But when it looks this damn good, why can’t it be your casual boot?

Welt Construction

Fully welt construction. That means that once these soles wear down and they’re going to wear down. Nice soles like these, they don’t last forever.

So, if you’re looking for a 10-year life boot, just forget about it. You’re never going to get it out of a boot that’s like this. Be expecting to get maybe in a work environment, maybe six months.

In a casual environment, maybe a little bit over two years, If you’re just wearing them infrequently.

But you’re working guys. You guys who are really beat the crap out of your boots. I’m not saying that it’s not a good boot, you just have to expect a shorter lifespan out of a soft, comfortable boot like this.

Out Of The Box

Now, out of the box, these are going to feel kind of stiff when you put them on and they should because this is that folklore leather. This is that good hard, heavy leather.

This is stuff that you’re going to have to sweat in, you’re going to have to move around in, and it’s going to have to get soft according to your schedule.

The more time you put into wearing this boot, the better it’s going to feel as time progresses.

Inside The Boot

Now, when you unlace the boot, and you take a look inside, what you’re going to notice that there’s nothing there. It’s not lying; there are no extra pieces.

So, when your foot starts to sweat in the middle of summer, it’s just going to go right to the surface of the leather.

Removable AG7™ Polyurethane Footbed

Once it’s broken in, once you remove the removable footbed which is an AG7 DRYZ footbed, once you take this thing out and I’ve mentioned these before on another Carolina logging boot reviews that these are excellent footbeds.

They really hold up to the test of time for the life of the boot. More than likely as this thing is getting ready to be retired; you’re still going to be going strong with the AG7 footbed.

But once you take this thing out and you get down inside there, what you’re going to find is a DRYZ footbed. And that’s Carolina’s own material. It’s similar to a Poron insole, it’s just a little bit softer and a little bit more durable.

The Vamp

The vamp of the boot is beautifully soft cotton. So, that means that none of these edges or ridges are going to telegraph through to your foot once you break it in.

Boot Laces

Eyelets and laces. That’s Carolina; they’re always using beautiful brass eyelets. And the speed laces up here, the speed hooks are single piece machine, and they’re really deep in there.

They got a lot of tooth on the backend, so you’re not ripping a pair of these out easily. You’re going to have to really put some work into destroying this.


The collar is padded. It is a beautiful soft padded collar. They add a little bit of soft padding on the inside there but not a lot. It’s not overly padded. Not like when you see some cheaper boots where they try to disguise a lot of stuff by throwing padding in there.

Carolina doesn’t need to. They’re using top quality leather. Top quality collar. They’re a little bit of extra in there; it’s just to keep you comfortable.

That’s It, Folks

So, that’s the Carolina CA7009 Moc Toe with a Meramec heeled sole. Hey, if you’re currently wearing the Carolina CA7009, please comment below.

Let guys know the type of life you’re getting out of the Meramec sole and whether or not the break-in period was quick or did you have to put in a little bit more time than normal because of how thick and durable this folklore leather truly is.

If you should have any questions about Carolina boots or just work boots in general, shoot me over an email. That’s all I can say for the Carolina CA7009 review. Alright, until next time, thanks a lot for stopping by.

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