Carolina CA433 Review – Women’s 9″ Waterproof Flannel Lined Logger Boot

The Carolina CA433 is a full Flannel Lined Logger for women. The Black Harness Leather Upper looks slick while the Scuba liner protects the feet from the water. It’s actually very frustrating how little companies manufacture ”women work boots”.

So, something I’ve been really surprised at lately is just how many of you ladies are requesting me to do reviews on ladies’ work boots. There’s a lot of ladies’ composite gym shoes and comfort shoes out there, but there’s not a lot out there for ladies when it comes to the work boots.

Carolina CA433 Review

The Carolina 433 is a true logger. Just like all the men’s loggers, just like all the high-end pole climbers and everything else. Carolina uses this beautiful single oil resistant, slip resistant, one-piece sole for their logger.

Scubaliner Waterproof

The boots a hundred percent waterproof. It has Carolina’s own Scuba liner built into it. So, you know that you can depend on it and you can trust it because the scuba liner has been proven time and time again in the men’s boots in all of their logger boots.

It’s a fully welted boot all the way around. So, technically what this means is that you can have a new sole put on this boot if you choose to.


Now a lacing system is ten eyelets all the way up — no speed laces. They’re all eye holes so you ladies can get a really good grip on your ankle. If you’re going to wear this, if you’re going to be kicking shovels, if you’re going to be climbing poles and cutting down trees, this is a really good boot for you.


Now the leather that Carolina uses in this boot is really soft. It’s surprisingly a little bit softer than the normal leathers that they would use in their logger boots, but it is comparable to their lineman’s boots.

The leather that they use there is really soft and really pliable. Now by me saying it’s soft, I’m not saying that the leather is thin. I’m just saying that they’ve treated it really well.

They understand that you ladies don’t want to put on a rock-hard leather boot and give it a month to break in.

This thing is ready to go right out of the box.

Fold Down Logger Boots

Now, they call it the fold down logger for a reason because it can be folded down. The tongue and the sides can be folded down. And what Carolina did that’s really ingenious is that they added pieces of shapeable wire hair, so you’re just not trying to form a piece of leather to fold down.

The boot actually holds its shape. It has a memory from the wire. One of the high points about folding it down or wearing it like a normal boot is that you get to use a double duty boot.

It’s almost never in the women’s work shoes do you find something that can double duty. It’s usually a heavy-duty work boot or a composite gym shoe.

Carolina gave you ladies the choice to wear something that’s not only functional and practical but doesn’t look that bad after work if you got to run a few errands.

Fit & Comfort

As for the fit and comfort of this boot, every lady that’s ever tried a pair of these on, who’s needed a logger and one in a real work boot, has been extremely happy with the way this hugs the foot.

The way it hugs the arch, and it just sinks to heel right into the boot. So, when you crank it down around that, you get in a nice, sure fit.

Non-steel Toe

Carolina understands that not every woman wants to have a steel toe boot. So, they made this boot non-steel toe.

The CA433 is a non-steel toe model and what they’re doing is they’re giving you an option to have a real work boot that fits really well that you can actually do something with, outside of just going to work.

Now, who are the ladies that I see buying this?

Well, mainly most shipowners usually sell this boot to a lot of ladies in the parks department — a lot of ladies who are doing forestry, a lot of ladies that are working for the city that are doing a lot of walking and a lot of climbing on ladders.

They tend to really like this boot. The other ladies that usually buy this are the ladies that ride motorcycles.
You got to admit, for a biker boot, this is a really good-looking boot. It’s not a perfect motorcycle boot and certainly not the best one. It’s not really flashy too.

Come to think of it; I should make a list of the best motorcycle boots currently available on the market. Who knows, maybe I will in the future. Stay tuned.

Now back to the topic. This boot laces up really nice and high. It’s low-key. Your jeans can fall over.

Can this be passed on as a motorcycle boot for women?

There are no flashy stuff and all kinds of silver stuff and logos and all those things that really clutter up and take the eye away from your beautiful bike.

But if you are the type of person that prefer this type of boot, be my guest.

Final Thoughts

So that’s the Carolina CA433, the lady’s flannel lined fold down longer. If you’ve ever worn any of the ladies Carolina boots, please comment below, let the other ladies know exactly what they’re getting into when they buy a quality boot.

Is there a little bit of a break-in time? Is it the kind of thing where you’re going to want to buy insoles and put insoles in or not?

Also, please don’t forget to hit the bookmark button on top. It really helps out.

And, if you should have any questions about ladies’ work shoes whether their safety toes, soft toe, if there’s anything out there that you see, and you just got a question about it, please feel free to email me.

That’s all of the Carolina CA433 reviews. All right until the next time, thanks a lot for reading.

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