Carolina 309 Boot Review – 6 Inch Men’s Plain Toe Domestic Work Boot

Another classic union-made boot and this time it’s the Carolina 309. It’s made in the USA, so you know you are getting some quality stuff right here. This boot can be the perfect work footwear in the coming hot summer days.

Now when it comes to the Carolina 309, you’re getting a good strong American-made boot, its leather, it’s sole, it’s comfortable.


  • Amber Gold Pitstop Leather Upper
  • DRYZ® technology
  • DRi-LEX® Lining
  • Poron® Performance Cushioning Insole
  • Removable AG7™ Polyurethane Footbed
  • Electrical Hazard Rated
  • Steel Shank
  • Welt Construction
  • Dual Density Polyurethane Outsole
  • Union Made in the USA from Global Parts
  • Fits True To Size

This 6 Inch Men’s domestic work boot is a no-nonsense boot. It is packing some powerful moisture-wicking, heat management, and microbial and fungal management technology that ensure your feet stay comfortable all day long.

Carolina 309 6 Inch Men’s Plain Toe Domestic Work Boot Review

If you need the steel toe version of this boot, search for style number 1309. Back to the topic then.


This boot here features Dri-Lex nylon lining which has great moisture-wicking capabilities. This also makes the boot long-wearing, comfortable inside, and breathable.

Carolina a few years back maybe it’s almost 20 years ago hit a home run with a boot called the Carolina Gold. That was where they lined their boots with glove leather on the inside.

The moisture-wicking technology inside these USA-made boots regulates the internal temperature keeps your foot chambers as well as your feet dry and comfortable throughout your entire day.

Dual Density Sole

They created an extremely comfortable dual-density sole. It was one of the first on the market. As time progressed, they quit making that boot but this came into the line and this was replaced at the 309.

You have a dual-density soft outsole: harder material on the surface and softer material sandwiched in there to give you that bounce and that comfort that you want from an all-day boot like this.

Leather Quality

The leather that they used is the pitstop, heavy-duty beautiful oil brown leather and it’s just some amazing stuff.

The premium amber gold, pitstop leather uppers are tough on the outside yet treated so well by Carolina that you can feel the smoothness and comfort right out of the box.

It’s a tough leather that has a quick break-in time. This leather is abrasion-resistant and easy to maintain.

They got so much oil that when you rub your finger in there, it changes colors. You can push the oil out of it. That actually is the sign of a really good boot.

EH Rated

The boot comes with an EH marking on it. So, it’s got a little lightning bolt. So that you know that it’s an electrical hazard boot. They also went out of their way here, and they used really good D rings.

Solid Hardware

I mean really good D rings. Mixed with that single piece machine eyelet at the top that you find out all great American made boots, they didn’t skimp anywhere.

Now on the inside of this boot, Carolina uses a material that they call Carolina DRYZ, already called Carolina DRYZ but they might have changed the name in the last few years.

It still feels like the same material that it felt like 15 years ago when I first put my hand inside a pair of these boots.

Moisture Wicking AG7 Footbed

This is an innovative insole technology that sucks in the moisture and converts it into a dry gel. The gel is kept within the insole of the shoe. As a result, all the perspiration from your foot and moisture get absorbed while the insole remains dry to the touch.

It’s the green material inside which is just so nice, and it’s also durable. It’s a durable mix of some sort of polymer or whatnot that’s just it’s really comfortable on the skin on all-day wear.

Union Made

Caroline also did a really nice touch by putting the big Union made right there in the middle. That Union may label, they sew it right into the tongue, so, you know that you got a union made product in your hands and also on your foot.

They also add the beautiful DRYZ insole. This is a nice touch. This is a really nice touch. This is a really nice insole. This is some good materials all put into one.

Contoured Design

Underneath this insole, there’s still another soft cushion that’s underneath there. So, you’re standing on top of one cushion, push it inside and the cushion sole that is in the middle part.

When you think of it, you’re actually standing on a lot of good soft stuff which could make a 16-hour workday a little bit more bearable.

Final Thoughts

That’s the classic Carolina 309. Beautiful leather, padded collar, dual-density Carolina sole, oil-resistant, slip-resistant, that’s a great boot.

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