Best Work Socks Reviews For Men’s in 2021 – Comparison Chart & Buying Guide

A long day with your boots on your feet is tough and puts a lot of stress on your feet. Work boots can be a pain if you don’t have the best work socks to provide comfort, support, warmth, and protect your feet.

A good pair of work boot socks can be your feet’s best friend because they offer the most important part which is the comfort to your structure.

Trust me, get a pair of work socks. Your feet will thank you for that!

Work boot socks are made of special quality materials for keeping your feet dry and free of odor. They are very useful and necessary for workers. Here are some of our picks for the best work socks for 2019.

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Top 7 Best Work Socks Reviews

1. Wigwam Men’s At Work 3-Pack Crew Socks

Wigwam socks deliver the most comfortable experience. Wigwam is a familiar name of trust and quality among the people. They are crafting durable, comfortable, innovative socks over the years. They are very proud of being a USA based company.


  • Wigwam socks are called hard-working socks. The wigwam at work crew keeps your feet nice and comfortable during long hours of work.
  • There is cushion under the foot for comfort and also mid weight.
  • These socks have synthetic fibers that prolong the durability.
  • These socks are naturally soft as the making material is cotton.
  • Wigwam provides a lifetime product guarantee.
  • These socks also include odor guard treatment to kill odor-causing bacteria.
  • These socks have low profile toe closure.

Things We Liked About This

  • Quality is superb, made in the USA. Also, has a 2 years guarantee.
  • Socks are good and keep the smell in control.
  • They are the best padded and highest functioning socks I could damn well find.
  • Socks designed for efficiency of daily use.
  • They remain cleaner than any other brands I have used, felt nice after wearing and they also put fewer marks on feet, the elastic was also very good.
  • The fabric of wigwams is thick enough and easy to wash.
  • They’re thicker than a dress sock but thinner than normal all-cotton.
  • They felt very light and airy. Air circulation is very good, and I felt dry after using a long period in a single day.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They are long socks, which is not in fashion. There was some tightness around my ankle and calves. These socks leave impressions in my calves when I take them off after a day.

Should You Buy It?

Even though there are some cons to these socks, I absolutely love them. I’ve never had a decent pair of socks in my whole life. You can buy Wigwam Men’s at Work 3-Pack Crew Socks without any hesitation.

2. Carhartt Men’s Arctic Wool Heavy Boot Socks

Carhartt Men's Arctic Heavyweight Wool Boot Socks
  • Comfort Stretch Top prevents falling, pinching, or binding
  • Merino wool and Coralast Abrasion Resistant fibers create an Ultra Comfortable, Long lasting work sock
  • FastDry technology quickly moves sweat
  • Compression arch
  • Odor control keeps socks feeling fresh

It was about hundreds of years ago when Carhartt started making best work-wears with the finest material available such as brown duck fabric or denim. Eventually, Carhartt has done a great job in constructing durable and comfortable socks both on and off the job. These socks are for those persons who believe in hard work.


  • This model is a cold-weather essential for outdoor working people.
  • Weight is good enough to provide maximum warmth and fits comfortably inside the boots.
  • These socks are also known as heavyweight boot socks as they have outstanding performance.
  • These cold-weather socks are perfect for winter outdoor works.
  • Suitable for hunting and fishing also.
  • Its’ thermal regulation properties are incredible.
  • Carhartt socks have antimicrobial and antibacterial features. They take away sweat and keep my feet dry, odor-free.
  • These socks transport moisture very well and keep your feet odor-free.
  • They offer optimum performance as described in their characteristics.
  • These socks won’t slip into your boots as there are the right quantities of stretch materials knitted.

Things We Liked About This

  • Thermal regulation is really good. Carhartt uses quality wool.
  • Their fast-dry technology helps to remove sweat.
  • Socks are machine washable; you do not need to put stress on your hands.
  • Bulk is reduced through the ankle vents of socks.
  • They have no toe seams, are totally reinforced and are so soft & cushy in the toe and heel.
  • A good thing for a man who is setting out cars and walking those tracks at all hours of the freezing cold day and night.
  • These socks will retain over 80% of their insulating value even on the damp and sweaty situation. Because that is just the way wool works.
  • Work very well with my steel toe work shoes.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Sometimes the thickness of wool is annoying because it may warm a lot.
  • These socks are not suitable in 20-30 or above degrees of temperature.
  • Calf portion of the sock is not very elastic. So, if you have strong calves, you’ll most likely dislike this sock.

Should You Buy It?

These socks are of best use in cold environments. So, if you are surrounded by cold weather or your workplace temperature is very low, then you can definitely go for it. Trust me this combination works in the most extreme conditions! It’s all about comfort, mobility, and safety.

3. Dickies Men’s Dri-Tech Work Crew Socks

Dickies Men's Dri-tech Moisture Control Quarter Socks Multipack
  • Soft Breathable Moisture Control Fibers
  • Full Cushion Foot for Added Comfort
  • Reinforced Heel and Toe for Increased Durability
  • Ventilation Channels Enhance Air Flow and Comfort
  • Arch compression provides added support and an improved fit

As their humble starting in 1922, every product of Dickies has shown pride, quality, the toughness that enhances the spirit of workers. Dickies says, “Where there is work, there is Dickies.” Truly they are keeping their promises.


  • Socks are very soft; they offer a spongy softness step after step. You can do much hard work, but your feet won’t feel that.
  • The sole also has a stain resister built-in in order to extend the lifetime of socks. You can use them for a long period.
  • Socks are also smooth as because the cushion sole covers the entire bottom of the socks.
  • Well fitted on heel and toe areas which are also called Reinforced and reciprocated heel-toe.
  • Fibers have a moisture control feature to keep your feet dry and nice. That means your socks and feet will smell better and feel better.
  • Dry feet are always comfortable whether it is summer or freezing winter.
  • There is a ventilated breathing channel that circulates air inside the sock. It helps by taking away the moisture and evaporates it, bringing some fresh air inside your shoe.
  • The extra compression around the arch is designed to give you just the right amount of support without feeling restrictive or tight.

Things We Liked About This

  • Nice combination of Cotton, Poly, and Nylon.
  • Moisture controlling fibers and ventilation channels that circulate air.
  • Socks remain in place through arch compression.
  • These socks are comfortable, have a nice little compression to the feet, don’t smell like hell like our dress socks did.
  • We have used it for almost one and a half years but there are no holes yet in the bottom and upper sides.
  • These socks are machine washable.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The arch generally takes a bit of time to get used to.
  • Sometimes a single wash can form holes in the socks.
  • Some people complained about the sizes.

Should You Buy It?

Sure, you can buy these socks and I think this is a nice quality product for work boots. I would love to buy more Dickies socks and also recommend it to people.

4. Working Person’s 8766 Grey 4- Socks – Made In The USA Pack Steel Toe Crew 4

Working Person's 8766 Grey 4-Pack Steel Toe Crew Socks - Made In The USA (Large)
  • 4 Pairs of Premium Men's Crew Socks
  • Cotton, Nylon, Polyester, Spandex - Machine Washable
  • Extra Thick Padded Heel & Padded Toe
  • Arch Support System, Odor Fighting
  • Made In The USA - Durable Socks

Working person’s 8766 grey 4-socks are one of the rising socks brands, which is very good for steel toe boots. And yes, these socks are very comfortable and fit for the warm environment also.

My friend worked in comparatively warm weather wearing this sock and he praised this. He has been using it for two months and they are working fine so far.


  • Firstly, this package will give you 4 pairs of premium working person’s men’s 8766 grey socks. This a good quantity to judge this product.
  • This crew socks are cushioned steel toe boot socks.
  • The fabrication process includes cotton, nylon and spandex blend. Padded socks fit men’s boot sizes 9-13.
  • These socks nicely support your arch and won’t displace from the foot.
  • These socks offer extra thick padded heel and extra thick padded toe.
  • Also controls foot odor.

Things We Liked About This

  • Very comfortable socks and fit for warm weather. Hopefully, they will hold up in the long run.
  • These socks are thick and supporting because these are well made and feel awesome.
  • These crew socks are machine washable and won’t shrink in the dryer.
  • Soft on the inside.
  • The heel and toe of the socks are extra thick padded.
  • It has an arch support system, fights with odor forming bacteria.
  • Durable socks- Made in the USA.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • You have to make sure to cut the plastic binder that holds the socks together. I usually rip them out and the plastic breaks, but for some reason even the plastic fastener on the sock bundle is tough.
  • These socks are thicker than other normal socks. It may take a little bit of time to get used to.
    The socks tend to produce lint rolls on the sides.

Should You Buy It?

The socks have been great so far. Me & my friend’s socks stay up above our boots and my shins are very thankful. I do not think you will be disappointed with these socks.

5. Timberland Pro Men’s 3 Pack Reinforced Heel Toe Work Crew Sock5

Timberland has been making durable quality socks for men and women over the years with safety, durability, and comfort in mind. They have designed socks for a steel toe, composite toe work boots. Whatever your shoe is, you may find a solution with Timberland Pro.


  • Comes with a 3 pair pack of work crew socks made with 100% certified USA Polyester. In their description, they wrote 100% cotton. However, it’s Polyester at the top elastic part and cotton at the bottom part.
  • Timberland offers sizes of ‘one size’. They will fit adults, size 9-12. 10-13 is a standard size for good fitting with the adults.
  • These are great socks, a little stretchy, and not what I would use for winter.
  • I bought for spring/summer/fall wearing work shoes or work boots, and these are excellent.
  • Highly durable and has a reinforced heel and toe feature.
  • Has arch support to circulate air properly and also help controlling odor.

Things We Liked About This

  • Timberland Pro socks are the first synthetic socks I have had, and I love them. They are really great summer socks under work boots and hikers, and a great first layer in winter.
  • These socks fit perfectly on our feet and the quality is superb. They are good enough to hold in place without sliding down.
  • Very soft and well fitted, they do not leave any mark of elastic on your legs. They really help us to keep our feet comfortable when working 12+ hour shifts.
  • These socks help to keep your legs and feet warm in a cooled building, but they still breathe keeping your feet dry.
  • Machine washable.
  • Give good support and comfort to your feet. Air circulation is also nice.
  • Things We Didn’t Like
  • May feel a little too stretched for the size of 8 or 9 feet.
  • This item is not eligible for international shipping.

Should You Buy It?

Yes, you can try it. Nice comfortable socks. We were hoping for better durability compared to other socks, but these socks lasted like the other ones we have described in this article.

6. Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Sock

Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Socks, 2 Pack
  • PERFECT ALL-AROUND SOCK FOR TOUGH WORK DAYS: These rugged FoxSox will take all your work day can dish out; keep you comfortable in your work boots, even under the toughest conditions
  • INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE AND EXTRA WARM: Steel-toe construction provides extra cushion over the toe and above the heel
  • STAY DRY WITH WICK DRY: Our exclusive technology quickly draws moisture away from your skin so your feet stay dry and comfortable; removes any moisture build up which reduces hot spots and friction that causes blisters
  • CUSTOM FIT: URfit System provides the ultimate personalized response fit combining memory knit compression, a contoured rib top and spandex compression zones
  • BACKED BY COMPANY STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE: Fox River products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year

Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Sock are one of the good review obtainer socks on various E-commerce sites.

Hence, we had tested these socks and got a good result. Fox River company previously made various products and this steel toe boot sock is also a remarkable product of them.


  • The combination of Acrylic, Wool, and Nylon.
  • Sizes may relate to the followings: Small sizes 3 – 51/2 Medium sizes 6 – 81/2 Large sizes 9 – 111/2 Extra Large sizes 12 – 141/2
  • The fabric is very thick, it will give you extra warmness in cold months.
  • Heavyweight socks. They will fit your feet smoothly and won’t displace inside boots.
  • These socks are suitable for hunting and hiking also.
  • Very thick socks. Their thermal regulation properties are incredible.

Things We Liked About This

  • Best suited with the steel toe boots. It has a good combination of steel-toe logger boots. The thickness of these socks will make you feel better when you wear heavy boots.
  • The initial cost may be higher, but long-term and maintenance cost is low. Also, much better fitting and quality.
  • A professional carpenter told me, these socks are excellent with my steel toe Redwing boots. I’ve tried 6 other brands, but the padding and material on the others don’t hold a match to these. They’re nice and thick, but do not make my feet hot.
  • One of the best cold weather socks so far. These are heavy-duty socks and you do not have to worry about the size.
  • These socks will help keep your feet dry, an important feature in the Texas heat.
  • You will be thoroughly impressed with the weight of these socks, not just in the toe and heel areas but the entire socks.
  • We have bought a total of 6 pairs of these socks, first bought 7 months ago. Some of us wore one or two pairs every day so each of the 6 pairs gets used twice a week.
  • They wore steel toe boots most of the time, spent a lot of time in outdoors.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It will be good if you do not put these socks in the drier. It’s better to hang them out to dry or dry them on very low or no heat setting.
  • I tried one pair and the material seems a bit off now. They will dry fairly quickly if you just hang them out.
  • They are super comfortable, but not that for very hot weather.

Should You Buy It?

Fox River socks are a little bit thicker and about an inch longer than the Carhartt socks. However, these socks have the added bonus of being 100% cotton. Believe it or not, that was a huge selling point for me.

I would recommend these socks to anyone, anytime, anyplace. Give them a go if you don’t believe me.

7. Darn Tough John Henry Boot Cushion Sock – Men’s 7

DARN TOUGH (2001) John Henry Boot Midweight with Cushion Men's Sock
  • MIDWEIGHT WITH CUSHION — A warm and extremely comfortable choice when conditions demand it, this fine gauge knitted sock provides mid-level cushion density under your foot. True Seamless technology allows for an undetectable seam fusion for an ultra-smooth, invisible feel.
  • BOOT SOCK HEIGHT: Sits mid-calf for added protection and warmth. A sturdy companion. See chart below if other heights may be better for you.
  • COMPOSITION - Designed and Knit in Vermont with 64% Merino Wool 33% Nylon 3% Lycra Spandex. The fast action wicking pulls moisture away from skin, so no more sweaty, stinky socks. The soft, breathable merino wool has fast drying, all weather performance that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: Darn Tough's famous guarantee - if these socks wear, tear, or develop holes, Darn Tough will replace them no questions asked. No strings. No conditions. Over the years, when you open your sock drawer this is the pair you’ll keep grabbing first.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Every pair of socks is knit in Northfield, Vermont - the perfect testing ground for the finest premium all weather performance socks.

Darn Tough John Henry Boot Cushion Sock has got a long name. But do not be afraid of this long name because the quality and durability of their socks are as long as their name.


  • This sock model is basically for men. From the name, we come to know that this is made with soft materials but has a tough nice effect on your boot.
  • Known as the workhorse sock that can give you all-day comfort, durability, and legendary Darn Toughness.
  • These socks are made of fine gauge Merino wool that keeps the stock cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Nice and good seamless construction makes them irresistibly comfortable.
  • In addition, they have anti-microbial features and breathable so you can wear them more than once to work.
  • Regarding this model of socks, men sizes are S=5.5-7.5 M=8-9.5 L= 10-12 XL=12+
  • Made in Vermont, gives you a good lifetime guarantee.

Things We Liked About This

  • Well maiden tough socks, at the same time giving you comfort and durability. Darn Tough is less cushioned, but I think it offers more support.
  • These socks provide a smooth performance. It won’t slip inside your boot, no bunching and less amount of blisters.
  • Antibacterial that means odor control is good enough.
  • Machine dryable. Feet don’t smell, feet don’t become wet.
  • Lifetime warranty is also mention-worthy.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They are nice socks, just not as far as the size goes. The packaging says XXL, the socks themselves say XL and the size are not even an L.
  • A heavier weight socks.

Should You Buy It?

Boot socks make a world of difference and these things are amazing. Feet will sing songs about you as you become a legend from buying these socks. I was hesitant to spend this much on a single pair of socks, but they are well worth the price.

What to Look For When Buying The Best Work Socks

Socks are such kind of clothing worn on the feet and often covering the feet from toe to ankle. Boots or other shoes are generally worn over socks.

In ancient times, socks were produced by hand knitting as well as machine knitting process. In modern periods, machine knitting is dominating worldwide.

Socks play various roles. Among them, perspiration control, warmth, comfort, protection, etc are the main offerings of socks. A nice pair of socks can be your best friend.


Quality is a big issue for work boot socks. The sweat absorption capacity and eradication of bad smell should be kept in mind. These things depend largely on the quality of materials and the process of manufacturing. Also, you can check our guide about Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

You should also consider how much comfort and additional support such as dryness, non-itchiness it will render to you.

Occupation & Environment

Every buyer should keep in mind that the best work boot socks will also depend on their occupation and work atmosphere. So, they should choose their socks according to these.

A nice quality work boot sock is usually woven or made of everlasting materials. Socks will also have the ability to give cushioning against rough and hard shoes.

Design & Size

Socks are available in different designs, sizes, and lengths. Choose according to your personal taste and requirements. There are socks designed for particular work boot or for any work boot. There are also socks that offer comfort, keep your feet warm or cool as well as dry.

If you are looking for a sock to wear with your boots, you’ll want to select a pair that has the following qualities

  • Antimicrobial
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Breathable

Socks can be made of wool, cotton, nylon, acrylic, olefins (such as polypropylene) or spandex. We have used and tested about 30 different pairs of socks. Now we are giving you some best work boot socks reviews.

Check out our top picks as we have selected from our top brands and they offer the best socks with the best technologies to keep your feet happy during a long day of work.

Best socks to wear with work boots will keep the hard-working people on their feet and provide comfort all day. Socks are needed for both working men and women in order to absorb perspiration and to insulate the feet in cold weathers.

Hope you liked our best work socks review guide. Make sure to leave a comment below and let us know which one you picked.

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