5 Best Uggs for Snow In 2021 | Men’s to Toddler’s Ultimate Uggs Guide

If you are planning to buy a new set of boots for the coming winter, Ugg boots are the way to go. They are classy, comfy, and practically built like a tank. In recent years, more and more people have been getting into the Ugg hype.

And considering the quality they offer; it is really not surprising. In this article, we will give you a quick rundown of the best Uggs for snow that you can buy to up your style game.

Are Uggs Good for Snow?

best Uggs for snow

When it comes to tackling the harshness of winter cold, there are very few other boots that can deliver as much comfort and quality as a good pair of Ugg boots. Each of the winter boots made by them comes with a weatherproof leather construction.

But the reason why Uggs are so popular and competent is the insulation, all of these boots have woolen insulation that keeps your feet warm when you are outside. Walking outside during winter can be quite rough if your boots do not come with proper insulation.

In addition, the rubber outsole in these shoes gives you excellent grip even when you are walking on a slippery surface. The outsoles are also quite durable which is a must-have since you are spending quite a bit on these boots.

Top 5 Best Uggs for Snow Reviews

As you should know by now, it is hard to beat the quality of a good pair of Uggs for the winter. Here are some of the best picks that you might want to consider for your next investment.

1/ Uggs Snow Boots For Men – Men’s Butte

Style and aesthetics should never take a backseat when it comes to buying a new pair of boots. This men’s UGGs boot for snow and rain not only looks good but also gives you a premium level of comfort and quality.

You get three different color options with this boot each of which looks excellent and will suit any outfit you wear. The suede cowhide leather construction of the unit ensures utmost durability.

It features 7.5 inches high arch to ensure full support on every stride. In addition, UGG pure wool lining of faux fur on the inside ensures your feet remain warm even when the temperature outside is cold. The fur is about 84 percent leather and the rest 16 percent is synthetic.

The boot is fully equipped to handle the harsh extremities of winter featuring a high-friction Vibram outsole with lug tread. So, there will be no risk of slipping even when you are walking through a snowy road.


  • Extremely stylish design
  • High-quality cowhide construction
  • Vibram outsole for optimal friction


  • A bit on the pricier side

2/ Uggs Snow Boots For Women – Short Waterproof

UGG Womens Classic Short Waterproof Snow Boot

For the womenfolk, getting the right pair of boots to match their outfit means a lot. And this Classic Women’s boot is the perfect choice if you want waterproof Uggs for snow.

When buying it, you have the option to choose between a plain black, chestnut, or metallic gray color. The manufacturers did not go too crazy with the design and kept things plain and simple and thankfully, it worked out great.

The unit features a hundred percent leather construction, with a sheep wool interior to keep your feet warm during the inter. Thanks to the woolen insulation, even if you are standing in a freezing river, water will stay out of the boot.

In addition, the Vibram outsole of the unit ensures proper friction to help you tread with certainty. During winter, the roads get slippery, and if you are wearing this boot, you have no risk of slipping.


  • Full leather construction
  • Sheep wool interior insulation
  • Comfortable and waterproof


  • Might seem a bit too simple

3/ Uggs Snow Boots For Girls – Butte Ii Cwr

UGG Kids Butte Ii Cwr Snow Boot

Are you planning to get a pair of uggs for snow and ice for your little girl? Then look no further than the Butte Li CWR. It is suitable for girls between the age of four to eight years and looks extremely cute during the winter.

The pair features a weatherproof leather upper to resist the cold from winter snow. It also makes the boot extremely durable and sturdy. So you do not have to worry about it getting damaged anytime soon.

The outsole in the boot is made of durable rubber that offers excellent friction and can handle slippery surfaces relatively well. In addition, the UGG pure wool lining and insole on the interior ensure the feet of your little girl stays warm at all times.

This boot is rated to handle up to negative 20 degrees Celsius temperature without any issue. You can also find this boot for toddlers or older kids. It has two different color options, pink crystal, and metallic gray.


  • Cold rated for up to -20 degrees Celsius
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Excellent insulation


  • No apparent cons

4/ Uggs Snow Boots For Kids – Kids’ Kirby Wp Boot

Though the last unit we reviewed was well-suited for your young girl, if it is a boy, he might not like the pink color option. For boy’s a better choice would be this one with its simple and sleek design that looks appealing and feels comfortable.

This unit features waterproof cowhide leather construction that promises lasting durability and excellent water resistance. The shaft is designed to go up to the mid-calf region from the arch giving optimal comfort and arch support.

Internally, the unit comes with a blend of 95 percent wool and 5 percent polyester. As a result, the interior feels quite warm and comfortable even in cold weather. In fact, the boot is rated for up to negative 20 degrees Celsius temperature.

The outsole of the unit is made of molded rubber which offers excellent grip on slippery surfaces. It is also quite lightweight and flexible to ensure proper comfort to the wearer. As an added cherry on top, this unit is quite a bit more affordable than all the rest on this list.


  • Excellent construction quality
  • Weather rated for up to -20 degrees Celsius
  • Fleece lining on the inside ensures optimal insulation


  • No apparent cons

5/ Ugg Snow Boots For Toddler – Butte II Cwr

Winter is especially hard on toddlers. You can hardly go anywhere with them fearing for their safety. However, with this Uggs for snow and rain especially made for toddlers, you do not need to worry about keeping their feet warm.

Since this pair of boots is for 1- to 4-year-old toddlers, the manufacturers paid extra attention to quality. It is made using genuine leather for utmost durability and the UGG pure wool insole and Thinsulate insulation on the inside promises excellent comfort in cold weather.

The leather is also fully weatherproof and waterproof. So even if you want to let your child roam around for a bit, you do not have to worry when the boot gets wet. In addition, the molded rubber outsole makes sure that his feet remain firmly planted on the ground.

This shoe comes in four different color options. So, you can go with the one that better suits your little one. If you want the best Uggs for winter for your toddler, then this is the one you want.


  • Excellent construction quality
  • Fully weather and waterproof
  • Extremely comfortable and well-insulated


  • No apparent cons

Qualities To Consider When Choosing The Best Uggs For Snow

Here are a few things you might want to check when you are buying a pair of Ugg boots for the coming winter.


When choosing your shoe make sure you get the right size for your feet. Uggs come in all sizes ranging from toddlers all the way up to adults with larger feet. It is common to get one size above normal for Uggs for better comfort and breathing space inside the shoe.


Since these are winter boots, friction is obviously one of the primary concerns. Thankfully, most Uggs have a high-quality rubber outsole that offers optimal grip on slippery surfaces. Still, some units have better grip than others and it is better to try one out yourself to see if the friction is enough for your situation.


Insulation is also an important factor to check when buying winter Uggs boots. Some Uggs offer more insulation than others. Typically, most units feature at least negative 20 degrees of cold resistance. However, if you require a bit more protection, you need to look for a higher level of insulation.

Style and Design

Since it will be your regular winter footwear, you should never overlook the importance of style. Sure, the quality needs to be good, but if the boot does not look appealing to you, you will not have a good experience with it.

Since these boots come in many different varieties, you can surely find one that suits your taste.

How To Clean Smelly Ugg Boots?

Ugg boots are notorious for being hard to clean. If you do not follow the proper steps, there is a good chance that you will ruin your shoes. Discoloration is a common issue when cleaning a smelly Ugg boot.

However, if you know the right steps, it is not very challenging. In the following section, we will give you a quick rundown of how you should clean your smelly Ugg boots.

If the inner part of your Ugg boots gets dirty, it might start giving off a foul odor. Typically, you should not wear socks with your Uggs. As long as your feet are clean and dry, your boots should remain odorless.

If it does get dirty, you need to deep clean your shoes. The steps are not necessarily hard, but they are quite elaborate.

Step 1

Take a moist piece of cloth and scrub the inner thoroughly. Do not use any sort of cleaning solution. Just plain water is enough for the task.

Step 2

Now store your boots in a well-ventilated area. Give it one or two days to dry up properly. Once dried, check if the odor disappears.

Step 3

If it is still smelly, repeat the scrubbing process. However, this time, instead of water, apply a small amount of mild detergent or soap to the cloth before scrubbing.

Step 4

After scrubbing, take a fresh piece of cloth moist with plain water and scrub the interior again. This would get rid of any residual detergent left inside the boots.

Step 5

Leave it overnight for drying. Now your shoe should be clean enough to wear regularly.

Step 6

If it is still smelly, you can sprinkle a small amount of baking soda inside the shoe and leave it overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions

1/ Does wearing socks with UGGs ruin them?

No, it does not ruin them necessarily. However, wearing socks can cause your feet to sweat which can make the inner of the boots dirty. That is why, it is a good idea to wear Ugg boots bare footed.

2/ Is it bad to wear UGGs?

No, wearing Ugg is not bad for you.

3/ How to clean the outer part of Ugg boots?

If the stain is from snow, water, oil, or mud, then you want to first apply some chalk on the affected areas. Let it dry overnight. After waking up, take your boot and a small toothbrush to brush away the extra chalk residue. Finally, wipe the area clean using sheepskin.
For any other stains, you want to use a gum eraser first. Be gentle with how you apply it over the affected area. If the stain is too deep, you might need to use sandpaper to gently sand away the stain.

Final Thoughts

If you want fashionable winter footwear that is comfortable and protects you from the cold, then Ugg boots are a good way to go. We hope our article on the best Uggs for snow could help you find the perfect unit for your needs.

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